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Madhya Pradesh Ki Pakshi Vividhta -  

A Mini Field Guide By Dr. Sangeeta Rajgir and Mr. M. Khlaique

Language – Hindi 

Size: 10X13 CM (Pocket Size)

Madhya Pradesh Ki Pakshi Vividhta – A mini field guide deals with the birds of the Madhya Pradesh.The Guide has 40 Color pages containing photographs of 40 species. The Guide contains species descriptions with details like English name, Hindi name, Scientific name, Habitat, Calls, Breeding season, Food habits, Interesting facts. This field guide also includes IUCN status of birds species.

For order this book mail us to : bhopalbirds@yahoo.com


*All the sale received is not use for any commercial purpose.

*All the received is termed as “donation” and use for conservation programmes of society.


Price: Rs. 50/-


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